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Plan Printing

At Aaltech we are one of Canberra’s leading plan printing specialists. Whether you require drawings from PDF, AutoCAD, or just want to print a plan to scale, Aaltech is the place to go. We can print by copying your original documents, or from an email, usb or CD. Our high-tech machines mean that black & white orders are usually be complete within the hour, and colour prints done in a short time as well.

We understand that in the architectural and construction industry, time equals money; which is why we have the equipment to handle your biggest jobs and the know-how to run them in a highly efficient and timely manner. With our years of experience and reliable print people, the accuracy of scale and revisions as well as our speed of delivery, are unrivalled by our competitors.

Plan printing services we offer include

  • Colour and Black and White
  • A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2 and custom size plan printing
  • Tracing paper and transparency plan printing
  • Printing from transmittals
  • Plan print scale check
  • Enlargement and reductions

We print plans of all sizes.

So for your next building project, whether it’s for tendering or construction purposes, make sure you rely on Aaltech for all your plan printing needs. Our delivery service also means that we pick up the original copy/usb/CD and return it with the completed product as well.

Offering exceptional printing services to the Canberra and Queanbeyan regions, Aaltech specialists will exceed your expectations for whatever project you have in mind. Big or small, black & white or colour; we can get the job done

Printing Services

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