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Scanning, printing, archiving

Whether you require the team at Aaltech to scan and archive individual small photographs or multiple numbers of large format images, we can do it! With our C4475 Engine, we have a 140ipm dual head scanner, meaning you can be sure of consistent results and top quality image capture.

Scanning services we offer include

  • Colour or Black & White images
  • Any size up to 1m wide & any length
  • A range of prints from artwork to construction drawings
  • Multiple file formats including PDF, TIFF, & JPEG

We can save the scanned files to a disc, usb, or simply email them back to you. As part of our archiving service, we also label CD’s and print case covers.

Aaltech has extensive experience with delicate and important documents. With high-profile customers such as the National Library of Australia, extra attention is often required, and is commonplace in our office. No matter what your document is, make sure to send it to Aaltech for scanning and archiving purposes.

Offering exceptional printing services to the Canberra and Queanbeyan regions, Aaltech specialists will exceed your expectations for whatever project you have in mind. Big or small, black & white or colour; we can get the job done

Printing Services

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  • Ph: 0411 523 333
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  • Email: aaltech@iinet.com.au
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